17 August 2009

Ottawa Blues This Week - 17 August 2009





Rainbow, 76 Murray Street

Friday, August 21 @ 9:30 pm

Playing their original style of swamp boogie R&B, bedroom funk and love songs that will break your heart, MonkeyJunk is Tony D on guitar, slide guitar and vocals; Steve Marriner on vocals, guitar, baritone guitar and harmonica and Matt Sobb on drums, cymbals, percussion and background vocals. These three musicians apply a combined 56 years of experience in the music business to entertain in a raw and captivating manner you will not soon forget . . . see for yourself!


Check out the new MonkeyJunk website at http://www.monkeyjunkband.com




10th edition of Virée Blues Boreale presents

The Ramblers

With guests Jean Millaire and Andrée Dupré

Club Addiction, 117 Promenade du Portage in the Old Hull sector

Wednesday, August 19 @ 8 pm; tickets $10

Virée Blues Boreale has already been here with you for 5 years! A 10th edition calls for some emphasis! But who could launch this festive 10th of Virée Blues Boreale? What a stroke of luck – the group labelled Quebec’s Rolling Stones is launching a first album to celebrate its 10th anniversary too!

With a combined Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll repertoire, The Ramblers offer a continuous set of successful performances presented with an energy that gets to everyone. Triggered by the Stones’ Midnight Rambler clip and by an encounter with Jim Zeller at the Medley in Montreal, Eric Farrand’s passion for the harmonica and for the Blues really was born in 1999 at bar l’Escogriffe in Montreal, where the meeting and creation of his group took place. Indeed, Jean-Pierre Marchildon was drumming there with a group when he noticed Eric humming many of the group’s tunes and invited him to sing. Since then the group has constantly evolved into a very good band on the Montreal scene. A dream came true when Eric performed with Jim Zeller at Carl Tremblay’s Harmonica Festival in April 2003, and that they performed together on the same stage was a confirmation of Eric’s talent. His energetic motions remind of Mick Jagger’s and he’s also pretty good performing songs like the Stone’s ‘Sympathy for the Devi’l and ‘Honky Tonk Women’. For their 10th anniversary though, they’re launching an album of original compositions with even a few songs in French. They’ll present it to us together with carefully picked high-profile guests.

The first guest is one of those artists who left his mark and even influenced Quebec’s music scene; a mainstay on the Blues scene, on Quebec’s musical scene and on the francophone music scene. He is one composer whose melodies can get at us. His guitar solos often become tunes that we’d like to keep humming and that carry strong emotions without him trying to squeeze millions of notes in a single frame. Jean Millaire: top performances on the radio, on many major stages and musical events, a great composer and performer. During 2000, he mostly worked with Jim Zeller, Nanette Workman and Carl Tremblay, on stage and on their respective albums. That’s also the year when he started his collaboration with our other guest, Andrée Dupre; they decided to team up their talents and tour Quebec’s Blues roads.

Andrée Dupré was first trained as a nurse and only discovered the Blues at 25. In 1994, she started her own group, Wiseblood, influenced by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, C.C.R., B. B. King and Eric Clapton. Along the way, while performing a lot, she started writing her first album, “Enchanteuse”, released in 2003. Since meeting Jean Millaire in 2005, they perform some Blues, sometimes with a rock style. But they now will join The Ramblers to present you with Virée Blues Boreale’s all new program for the 10th edition.






Elyssa Mahoney & Lucas Haneman Duo

Chelsea Pub, 238 Old Chelsea Road, Old Chelsea QC

Thursday, August 20 @ 6 pm

An evening of great music: Blues and Jazz mixes with rock, funk and pop, Lucas’s endless energy on the guitar, his brilliant, broad stylistic approach, blended with Elyssa’s powerful, soul-filled, honest vocals, bring a unique, thrilling experience.





Trevor Finlay’s playing a couple of gigs in Quebec

Festival en Blues, Victoriaville QC

Friday & Saturday, August 21-22

Starting with Friday night at 9:30pm, the band and I will be closing out the outdoor part of the evening with a 90 minute power set, then hopping into whatever transportation we got and heading a few blocks to rock the night away at the Taverne O-Match!
Saturday night the guys and I will be rockin' at the Taverne O-Match again starting at 11 pm and since it's a festival, you never know who's going to show up. And musicians DO like to jam!

Bourbon St. West, Montreal QC

Tuesday, August 25

We head to Bourbon St. West, a place I've played a handful of times and it's a great place to see live music! Awesome sound, great stage and sight lines and of course, me! What more could you ask for?



The Glengarry Music Festival takes place in 2BEANS IN A BARN, a typical country barn that has been transformed into a unique 90 seat performance Room. The performance schedule consists of 4 evening performances with an exquisite dinner in the barn and 4 luncheon performances alfresco in the sunshine. We are half way between Montreal and Ottawa. Lots of free parking and accommodations close by.



The range of her voice appears to have no limit, and her penchant for changes of rhythm and atmosphere is fascinating. The merging of two musical universes and two generations of artists, Karen Young and Éric Auclair reinvent the classic bass / voice duo and offer their personal vision of electrojazz. Felix award for Ame, Corps et Desir, best classic vocal album in 2008. Prix Hommage (career award), for the remarkable quality of her work and her contribution to Quebec's culture.

MENU 1. Onion-Braised Beef Brisket 2. Chicken Kiev 3. vegetarian meal available upon request

Tickets now on Sale ­only seats 90 in an up-close and intimate setting – think Hugh's Room, Le Hibou, House-party!
Some of our best Canadian talent and favourite international guests.

Producer and Publicist, Kathy Gillespie ­ kathy@teka.ca
You can get info or purchase tickets directly from Kathy using mastercard or visa at: Festival hot-line: 613-678-5862 or on-line (see below).
Artistic Director, Terry Gillespie - terry@terrygillespie.ca
Chef, Kasey Rogers, 2Beans Café - kasey_rogers@yahoo.com
http://www.glengarrymusicfestival.com Tickets and info available here
http://www.terrygillespie.ca Tickets and info available here
http://www.glengarrymusicfestival.com Artist info, menu descriptions, map, etc.






CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival, Britannia Park

Friday, August 21 – Sunday, August 23

“Dig Your Roots” is the 2009 slogan for this year’s Ottawa Folk Festival. The slogan refers not only to the music at the Festival, but also to the fact that this year’s Festival will have a major Gardening theme. Under the skilled guidance of long-time Ottawa Folk Festival performer Ana Miura, the Festival will offer a rich array of garden-related activities, discussions and musically-themed events throughout the weekend.

Here are some of the bluesier and blues-related offerings:

Digging Roots

Saturday, August 22 - Main Stage @ 5:30 pm

Digging Roots is out on the road again, promoting the release of their highly anticipated album entitled, “We Are”. The band is set to perform at the CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival in Britannia Park in Ottawa which takes place on Friday August 21st, 2009 till Sunday August, 23, 2009. More information about set times can be found online at www.ottawafolk.org

After three years of touring in Canada, the US and Europe, Digging Roots decided it was time to get back in the studio and record a select few of the 40 plus songs they had in the store house since their last recording in 2006. So, in spring 2008 they rented a little cabin on the water, gathered their friends and allies and held up a recording studio arranging, recording and putting final touches on the new studio album.

Still playing tube-electrified acoustic guitars, Kanatakta's chops really shine through the new recording from minimalist melodies, to searing blues inspired slide guitar to epic Zeppelin-esque solos. Kanatakta sets himself apart from the pack with the fluidity of his musical ideas, playing with references to his influences (think, Hendrix meets Son House meets Derek Trucks) while still shaping an entirely original sound.

Digging Roots released “We Are” in June 2009 and are out on the road with their backing rhythm section and new addition, DJ Jesus Parlange, who brings sub bass tones and time-stretched rattles that shake the ground.


Ellen McIlwaine

Sunday, August 23 – Main Stage @ 6 pm

Ellen grew up in Japan, played boogie-woogie piano at the age of five, then moved on to acoustic, then electric guitar. She moved back to North America and, in the late 70s, toured in an electric power trio format and recorded an award-winning rock album, “Everybody Needs It”. Her multi-cultural influences, her unique style of slide guitar, playing bass lines against driving rhythms and singing lead guitar lines, along with her powerfully moving vocals and scatting acrobatics had by this time earned her legendary cult status. She toured, and toured, and toured – through the 80s and 90s – and in the late 90s created movie scores. In 2003 she returned to acoustic guitar and she continues to tour solo acoustic as well as in her Power Trio format. In 2009, she has been a professional musician for 44 years! She is currently working on her autobiography and experimenting with new material.


Mr. Something Something

Friday, August 21 – Dance Tent @ 5:30 pm

Sunday, August 23 – Dance Tent @ 9:30 pm

A little something for the body, a little something for the mind: your soundtrack to a joyful revolution. Mr. Something Something represents four years of composing, performing, risk-taking, improving and ultimately mobilizing the original vision of founding members Larry Graves [drums/percussion] and John MacLean [saxophone/voice]. Twenty years of playing, studying and traveling passed before these two childhood friends settled on the unbeatable dance rhythms of Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and Ghana as the most natural gathering place for the elements that would ultimately make up the Mr. Something Something sound.

Western instruments and concepts of improvisation are explored and layered over what used to be called Afrobeat; but the term strains to contain the innovations happening in the rhythm section at every show. It also fails to express in fiery-enough terms the imaginative solo work of respected jazz guitarist Paul MacDougall. Liam Smith dependably delivers basslines designed to induce and sustain a state of ecstatic dancing. And there is always inspiration to be drawn from mesmerizing on-stage dancer/choreographer Jennifer Dallas. The horn section strikes with power and uplifts with melody. And above it all, acting as a lightning rod, is the lyric statement of the case for change and consciousness, passionately delivered by electrifying frontman Johan Hultqvist.

Aside from wildly energized and unpredictable live shows, the band is becoming increasingly well-known for its green politics and environmental activism. The group did a number of “eco-dates” in 2007, playing a wind-powered show and performing in such unconventional venues as organic farms and food co-ops to highlight communities that are trying to minimize their ecological footprints.


Michael Jerome Brown

Saturday, August 22 – Dance Tent @ 8 pm

Born in South Bend, Indiana in 1960, Michael is the son of English professors whose love of music and poetry inspired them to take their nine year old son to the great jazz, blues and folk clubs in their adopted home of Montreal. The Globe and Mail calls him “an immensely gifted multi‑instrumentalist and singer“. http://www.michaeljeromebrowne.com/

Cajun Dance Lesson with Jody Benjamin

Saturday, August 22 – Hall Stage @ 8 pm


Saturday Night Cajun Dance Party

Saturday, August 22 – Dance Tent @ 9 pm

Featuring Ball & Chain and the Wreckers, Christine Balfa & Dirk Powell & Jesse Legé

Ball and Chain choose their material from an unusual and diverse pool of music. Jody has been a fan of old-time country for many years and has twenty years experience as a dancer and choreographer. Her exercise dance class is well known in Ottawa for her excellent choice of music and fun fitness program. Michael comes from the Montreal music scene and Danielle Martineau's band, Rockabayou ... the Cajun connection! Together Michael and Jody have nurtured a growing interest in the music of Southwest Louisiana and made many trips there to study, play and dance in the music halls and houses of Cajun country. Country music and Cajun music are related … like hillbilly cousins that look alike and finish each other's sentences. Remember the Louisiana Hayride of the 50's? The combination of tunes and styles that become Ball and Chain's repertoire make sense together. At any live show you could hear songs by Hank Williams next to Denis McGee next to John Hiatt or June Carter. Michael and Jody give Cajun dance lessons as part of the evening's fun.


Christine Balfa grew up playing triangle with her father Dewey and absorbed music and language from the thriving culture around Basile, Louisiana. Her singing is full of the raw emotion that enables the best Cajun singers to communicate powerful feelings directly to the heart. Dirk Powell, Christine’s husband, plays accordion and fiddle in Balfa Toujours. He’s a winner of the prestigious Mulate’s accordion contest, and his instruction video for the instrument has become a classic.



Jesse Lége is one of the most admired Cajun accordionists and vocalists from Southwest Louisiana. Beginning with Cajun accordion at age 16, Jesse has been playing traditional Cajun music for over 35 years with a variety of bands in various Louisiana dancehalls. In 1998 he was inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame.


Ray Bonneville

Friday, August 21 – Hall Stage @ 7:30 pm

Ray Bonneville is a distinctive artist, a man who cooks up a deep groove, blending a unique percussive electric guitar style, a weathered voice, and soulful rack harmonica into image provoking songs that can be believed. His thumb pulses and thumps, his index finger hooks and brushes out a melody, and his hand slaps the guitar for a snare-like effect. He sometimes uses a slide, always plays through a Fender tube amp, and brings his foot down on an amplified piece of plywood on the floor for added percussion. It is a powerful and visceral sound with a lot of forward momentum.





Irene’s Blues Jam

Irene’s Pub, 885 Bank Street

Thursdays, 9 pm – 1 am

The Stellar Cast Blues Jam is a bonafide grass roots event that has grown out of the very floorboards of Irene’s Pub and has become a real crowd pleaser for musicians and music lovers alike. The Stellar Cast features Mike Ktenas (bass) and Corky Kealey (drums) as the foundation, and is filled out by a host of great local players who rotate according to availability. Each week the cast is topped up with a guest host who steers the song selections in whatever way they're inspired and the jamming begins. It's a great concept and the proof is in the popularity the night has garnered over the years.


Sunday Blues, 6-9 pm, no cover

Atomic Rooster, 303 Bank Street (at MacLaren)

Bands & dates to be confirmed; check out their new website



Open Blues/Rock jam

Le Petit Chicago in Hull Centre-Town, 50 Portage Street

Sundays, 8-11 pm, starting March 29

We provide drums and amps, just bring your instrument. One musician at a time can play, with the band for improvisation, or as a standalone, for 15/20 minutes. You can register your name on a list at the door, choosing at what time you'd like to play. We suggest that you know how to communicate in terms of chords and rhythms, to make the improvisation easier and more convenient for the other musicians. You're more than welcome to come and play with us, and bring your friends! Le Petit Chicago is a very nice bar and we hope to see a lot of people. Spread the word!


Jesse Greene Band

Irene’s, 885 Bank Street

Every Sunday night, 9 pm

Jesse Greene and band perform live at Irene's every Sunday night. Blues/jazz originals rock, funk, folk, R&B, don't miss out! This is a kick-ass band. Jesse is an amazing guitarist and songwriter. Bluesfest performances, and shows with her other two bands Jokko and Frank and Jesse James have really started to turn heads and win hearts. But this is by far the best yet!
Drums - Jason Cote; Guitar - Luke Donovan & Jesse Greene; Harp - Marc Seguin; Bass - Dan Grewal.





August 20-23, 2009

Summertime Blues

Diana Krall Plaza, Nanaimo BC


August 21-23, 2009

CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival
Britannia Park, Ottawa ON


August 21-23, 2009

11th Edmonton Labatt Blues Festival

Hawrelak Park, Edmonton AB





Honky Tonk Saturday Night

With Ball and Chain and the Wreckers

Elmdale House Tavern, 1084 Wellington Street

First Saturday each month @ 9 pm; $6 at the door

Honky Tonk Saturday Night is a monthly event happening the first Saturday of every month.



Open Blues Jam

Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray Street

Last Sunday of each month, 4-7 pm; cover $5 (jammers free)

Hosted by River City Junction, the jam is open to all ages. Jammers sign up on the jam sheet at the door & each jam session lasts for 3 songs. Drums & amps are provided, you only need to bring your instruments (but you can bring your amps if you want to).



Blues Jam

Avant- Garde Bar & Restaurant, 135 1/2 Besserer Street

First Tuesday of each month @ 8 pm

Hosted by River City Junction, this jam is open to guest performers, but is not an open jam’.

If you want to play, please contact River City Junction in advance to work out what instrument you play & what songs you would like to do.

Contact Jason jason@rivercityjunction.com




Roots and Blues at Beaus

Beaus All Natural Brewing Company, 10 Terry Fox Drive, Vankleek Hill ON
1st Tuesday of every month, 7-10 pm; $10

Terry Gillespie is on hiatus from Blues on Tues, but has decided to share the gig with his friends. He has always wanted to style a juke and this is pretty close. Every time we play at Beau’s it gets a little better. Steve Beauchesne our host has added xmas tree lighting - much more intimate!


Drum Church

Beaus All Natural Brewing Company, 10 Terry Fox Drive, Vankleek Hill ON

Every Sunday Starting April 4th, 10 am to noon; $5

DRUM CHURCH: Because Terry Gillespie loves music and thinks everyone should be in a band.
Drum Church has rules: No Songs and No solos!

Bring any instrument you want; electric or acoustic guitar, drums, broom stick, spoons, whatever.




Blues Open Stage

Branch Restaurant, 15 Clothier St E, Kemptville ON

Sunday, August 23, 3-6 pm

George Buys is hosting a Blues open stage at the Branch restaurant in Kemptville ON Sunday August 23, from 3-6 pm. George says “It is kind of Acoustic but arrangements could be made.”

All are welcome!


Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone

Rainbow, 76 Murray Street

Friday & Saturday, August 28-29 @ 9:30 pm

Johnny’s most recent release, “Poor Man's Paradise” was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2008 Blues Music Awards. He has also been busy with music for movies and television. As a member of the Voice of the Wetlands All-Stars, he performed at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions last year. Rumour has it a new release is in the works. Johnny’s visits to Ottawa have become less frequent, so you need to take this opportunity to see him at the Rainbow during the last weekend in August.



Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo

CD release

Coco Jarrys, Renfrew ON

Saturday, August 29 @ 9:30 pm

From Steve Lund:

Mumbo Jumbo is 18 years old this August.

But, more importantly, I’d like to announce the release of our fourth CD of Mumbo music, “Mardi Gras Dans La Boite”.

Recorded in the wilds near Westmeath by our bassist Grant Tomkinson … with only the band, no guests … trying not to add the kitchen sink … just the sounds we normally make … the instrumentals are one takes … more of a live feel to the whole album. In the dead cold of winter … in the mosquito & heat-drenched hills north of Ottawa … well it took a little while …. Yes, even huddled in a van they traversed up and down Hwy 17 at all hours of the day and night … actually it was quite a nice drive and I sometimes brought a picnic … so much for the blood, sweat and tears, angst-filled part.

“Mardi Gras Dans La Boite” is a collection of songs from New Orleans, as well as music from lands that touch on the Caribbean Sea (Jamaica, Venezuela, Cuba and Puerto Rico), plus tunes from our repertoire. Some of these are new, while others have been with us since 1991. Songs from our past and our present influences. Some originals, and tunes composed by or made known to us by … Los Lobos, Desi Arnaz, John Mayall (once covered by Motorhead), Ry Cooder, Dr. John, The Neville Bros. and some timeless Mardi Gras standards. I don’t know why we didn’t record them before. Thus adding some Salsa and a little bit of Worchester into our Louisiana Hot Sauce.



“Sounds of Downtown”

Bridge Street, Carleton Place

Saturday, September 12

The fourth annual Arts Carleton Place fundraiser "Sounds of Downtown" co-presented with the Carleton Place BIA, is on Saturday, September 12 on Bridge Street. The featured headliner is MonkeyJunk, a hot blues and roots band. Placing third at the International Blues Challenge, the band was nominated for a 2008 Maple Blues Award as the New Artist of the Year. Band member Steve Marriner was winner of the 2008 Maple Blues Award for Harmonica Player. Members Tony D, a blues icon in the Ottawa area, plays guitar and sings with Matt Sobb on drums, percussion and background vocals. These guys will be rocking the Town Hall Auditorium at 9 pm. There is a cash bar, 8:30-10:30 pm. There will be a dance area in front of the stage. It's going to be a great show!

Before the 9 pm concert, check out the other performers and venues. At Lux Photographic Services, 6-8 pm, listen and snap your fingers to LiPS Slam Poetry. Performances starting at 6 pm are: Gerry Griffin and Heather Houston playing folk at The Good Food Co., the Community Band at the Post Office, Victor Maltby playing fiddle at the Granary, acoustic guitar and refreshing sangria at The Mexican Emporium, Celtic jammers and poetry readings at Brush Strokes. At St. James Gate at 6:30 pm don't miss Rachelle Behrens, an amazing singer. The Carleton Heritage Inn has Open Mic Live! featuring local musicians and singers starting at 7 pm. The Thirsty Moose has acoustic blues with the Night Crawlers at 7 pm and Still Dangerous at 9:30 pm. Buskers, presented by SRC Music, will be playing along the street. Stop in at Sandy's Caribbean Delights, a new location, for some yummy sampling. The Chamber of Commerce has an Info tent for visitors to Carleton Place. Further along Bridge Street, the Mississippi Ale House has Tell Mama and Ballygiblin's is presenting the Mississippi Jug Stompers both starting at 8 pm.

For all of you late night folk, The Mississippi Ale House, Ballygiblin's, St.James Gate and The Thirsty Moose will be offering entertainment. Paddy G & the Mennie Man, terrific Celtic musicians start at 10:30 pm at St. James Gate.

Buy your passports early. The $15 passport: all venues except the MonkeyJunk concert. The $25 passport: all venues plus the 9 pm MonkeyJunk concert. All passports allow for sampling and munching appetizers. What a deal!




The Glengarry Music Festival takes place in 2BEANS IN A BARN, a typical country barn that has been transformed into a unique 90 seat performance Room. The performance schedule consists of 4 evening performances with an exquisite dinner in the barn and 4 luncheon performances alfresco in the sunshine. We are half way between Montreal and Ottawa. Lots of free parking and accommodations close by.




Having driven every road, North, South, East, and West in the province of Quebec, Stephen, Andrew, and the band have also toured Brazil, France and the USA. Stephen Barry was named Best Blues Bassist in 2002 at Toronto's Maple Blues Awards and received the « Lys Blues Hommage » in 2004. His band also won Best Blues Group in Canada from The Jazz Report in 1996. Stephen and Andrew are no strangers to Alexandria, having played at The Atlantic numerous times with Terry Gillespie as members of The Granary Band.
MENU 1. Chicken Marsala 2. Santa Fe Pork 3. vegetarian meal available upon request



Bonneville is a distinctive artist, a man who cooks up a deep groove, blending a unique percussive electric guitar style, and weathered voice into provoking songs that can be believed. Honing his craft for the last 30 years, Bonneville's gritty storytelling and deep-grooving blues style has won him much critical attention. In 1999, Ray won the prestigious Juno Award for his third album “Gust of Wind”. His fourth release, “Rough Luck”, was also nominated for the coveted award
MENU 1. Roasted Lemon Chicken 2. Cider-Baked Ham 3. vegetarian meal available upon request



Johnny is a soulful singer whose respect, and passion for all types of music is evident. He is also a brilliant entertainer who has audiences thoroughly enjoying each show. 2008 Juno Award Nomination Blues Album of the year - “A Lesson I've Learned”; 3 Maple Blues Award Nominations for the Johnny Max
Band!!! 2007 Recording of the Year - “A Lesson I've Learned”; 2007 Songwriter of the Year - Martin Alex Aucoin & Johnny Max; 2007 Electric Act of the Year - Johnny Max.
MENU 1. Barbecued Pork 2. Chicken Piccata 3. vegetarian meal available upon request

Tickets now on Sale ­only seats 90 in an up-close and intimate setting – think Hugh's Room, Le Hibou, House-party!
Some of our best Canadian talent and favourite international guests.


Producer and Publicist, Kathy Gillespie ­ kathy@teka.ca
You can get info or purchase tickets directly from Kathy using mastercard or visa at: Festival hot-line: 613-678-5862 or on-line (see below).
Artistic Director, Terry Gillespie - terry@terrygillespie.ca
Chef, Kasey Rogers, 2Beans Café - kasey_rogers@yahoo.com
Menu & Venue queries should be directed to Kasey: 613-525-1466
Director of Operations, Paul Gamache - gamachepl@yahoo.com
Director of Communications & Sponsorship, Barbara Dragone ­dragones@sympatico.ca
Please call Barbara, 613-525-414, if you wish to be a sponsor for the Glengarry Music Festival. Any assistance would be appreciated to help us maintain recession-busting prices.

http://www.glengarrymusicfestival.com Tickets and info available here
http://www.terrygillespie.ca Tickets and info available here
http://www.2beanscafe.com Chef¹s Café
http://www.glengarrymusicfestival.com Artist info, menu descriptions, map, etc.





Date: 12 weeks beginning September 15th

Prerequisite: a basic level of music reading ability
Instructor: Elise Letourneau, B.Mus., M.Ed.
Registration Fee: $254 (includes textbook) non-refundable

Ages: 18 and up
Time: Tuesdays 7:35 - 9:05
Location: Alcorn Music Studios, 903 Carling Ave.

Singers - replace the fear of improvising with fun. By listening to recorded examples, singing jazz exercises together, and working on standard repertoire, you will learn the basic tools and vocabulary of scat singing. We will explore vocal improvisation via rhythm, melody, syllables, articulation, phrasing, recurring chord patterns, and standard music forms.

Final performance will take place at the Alcorn Music Studios adult Coffee House at Tucson's on Dec. 13th
What to Bring to Class: water, a notebook, recording device optional, and supplied textbook, "Scat" by Bob Stoloff.

Note: This is a "less scent" class please do not wear perfume, cologne or body spray.

To Register please call Alcorn Music Studios

613-729-0693 or info@alcornmusicstudios.com


Date: 12 weeks beginning Sept. 24th

Prerequisite: some singing experience

Instructor: Angie Russell B.Mus.

Registration Fee: $260 (non-refundable)

Class size: maximum of 8

Ages: 16 and up

Time: Thursdays 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Location: Alcorn Music Studios, 903 Carling Ave.

Learn to sing Rock style with instructor Angie Russell. Angie is a voice & guitar instructor at Alcorn Music Studios and lead singer and lead guitarist for Bluestone Band. During this 12 week course each student will work on a rock song. You will learn vocal technique and tips for maintaining a healthy voice, exercises to develop your sound, musical phrasing and adding ornamentation. You will receive handouts as well as taking notes. Each session will begin with warm-ups, followed by the topic of the day, masterclass style singing, ending with an overview. This course comes with a song list from which you can pick your first, second and third choices for the song you would like to work on during the course. Angie will be providing a custom recorded CD with rhythm tracks for your song choice, in your key, for practicing and using throughout the course. Final performance will take place at the Alcorn Music Studios adult Coffee House at Tucson's on Dec. 13th. Please include your song choices when registering.

What to Bring to Class: water, a notebook.

Note: This is a "less scent" class please do not wear perfume, cologne or body spray.

To Register please call Alcorn Music Studios

613-729-0693 or info@alcornmusicstudios.com




Kingston Blues Society Monthly Jam

RCHA Club, 193 Ontario St. (big blue door), Kingston ON

3rd Saturday of each month, 9 pm – midnight; $3 at the door

Always one of the best nights of entertainment Kingston has to offer – come early as seating is limited.
Come out and see Mojo Shooter (one of Kingston's best bands) and a special guest each month. Then watch and dance as Mojo Shooter and some of Kingston's best musicians get together and jam the night away.


Regular events

Georgette Fry

Brandees, 178 Ontario Street, Kingston ON

Every Thursday night at 8:30 pm (new start time)

The Ones

Monte’s in the Prince George Hotel, 200 Ontario Street, Kingston ON

Every Thursday night @ 9 pm

Agent Blue

RCHA Club, 193 Ontario St. (big blue door), Kingston ON

First Saturday of each month; early start 8 pm


For more, please contact Kingston Blues Society





Limestone City Blues Festival Bracelets On Sale Now!

The Limestone City Blues Festival will once again bring Downtown Kingston alive with the sounds of

the blues August 27, 28, 29 & 30, 2009.

Bracelets are now on sale at several locations. The $10 bracelet is good for all the outdoor concerts and

participating venues over the four day festival. Bracelet purchasers also receive a $10 blues bracelet

good for $10 off at participating locations. Bracelets are available at Indigo Books and Music, Kingston

Guitar Shop, and the Visitor Information Centre.

For the clubs and line-ups, http://www.kingstonblues.com/files/09_IntheClubs.pdf

This year’s festival, the 13th annual, will open for the first time ever with a “sure to be sensational”

concert featuring The Robert Cray Band with very special guest Mavis Staples at the K-Rock Centre

on Thursday, August 27.

Confederation Park concerts will feature Canadians Jack de Keyzer and Jerome Godboo at 7pm.

Friday night the sounds of Delta Highway will fill The Hub on the Princess Street (at Barrie) stage.

Opening for Delta Highway is Elyssa Mahoney and Lucas Haneman Band.

Shemekia Copeland will headline the Springer Market Square stage Saturday night. Opening for her

will be Fathead from Toronto and from Nova Scotia, Garrett Mason.

This year promises to be a “not to be missed” presentation of blues greatness! The heat will be turned

up this year as we present more than a dozen participating venues with more than 50 shows (= over 100

hours of programming) – three afternoons of concerts in Confederation Park, live blues nightly in over a

dozen downtown clubs, restaurants and cafes as well as Saturday and Sunday Brunch Blues.

The festival is proudly sponsored by K-Rock 105.7fm, Celebrate Ontario, OLG Presents Music and Sir

Gawain Fashion Clothes.

Please see www.downtownkingston.ca for all the details.


Limestone City Blues Festival

Opening Night Concert

K-Rock Centre, Kingston ON

Thursday, August 27; tickets $35

For the first time ever, an opening night concert for the Limestone City Blues Festival will be held at the K-Rock Centre, Thursday August 27; it will feature Blues & guitar legend Robert Cray with special guest star, blues & gospel legend Mavis Staples.

Robert Cray has won five Grammys and been nominated for 11 more; “Showdown”, his 1985 collaboration with Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland is considered to be one of the greatest blues albums of all time. In 1986 Cray won six W.C. Handy Awards (American Blues awards), 1987 saw his album release “Strong Persuader” reach #13 in the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

For over fifty years, Mavis Staples has been an American treasure, working her vocal magic on the highways and byways of gospel, folk and soul music, with both her family group, the Staple Singers, and as a solo artist in her own right.

Tickets for this concert only are $35 and can be purchased either online at www.k-rockcentre.com, by phone at 1-877-KLIVE99 or at the Box Office.

For info, www.kingstonblues.com




Peterborough Summer Blues Series

Holiday Inn, Gazebo Patio, 150 George St, Peterborough ON

Every Friday @ 6 pm; $5.00

Aug 21- The Fabulous Tonemasters

Aug 28- Treasa Levasseur

Sept 4- Jack deKeyzer

For info or tickets, contact www.holidayinn.com/waterfront

705-743-1144 or 1-866-258-5181




August 27-29, 2009

Lachute en Blues

Lachute QC


August 27-30, 2009

13th Limestone Blues Festival
Kingston ON




Downchild Blues Band

40th Anniversary Live Concert Celebration

Southam Hall, National Arts Centre, 53 Elgin Street

Friday, November 13 @ 8 pm

It’s hard to believe that 40 years have flown by since Donnie ‘Mr. Downchild’ Walsh and his late brother, Hock formed the renowned group that would be the inspiration behind the blues in Canada and, in particular, the world famous Blues Brothers. Downchild Blues Band is celebrating this very special anniversary with an amazing group of very special friends including movie icon Dan Aykroyd AKA Elwood Blues, Colin Linden, James Cotton, Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns, Local Guitar Virtuoso, Ricky Paquette, and more surprise guests to be announced.

The Downchild Blues Band is a Canadian blues institution with an international reputation. They have been rewarded with an array of awards from both the media and the music industry, including a 1991 Juno Award for Best Roots and Traditional Album and ‘Entertainers of The Year’ at the 2007 Maple Blues Awards. A constant throughout, Donnie ‘Mr. Downchild’ Walsh, the leader and founding member of the band, has kept the music alive and relevant in the world of blues today. Downchild band members include some of the most well respected musicians in the country, who have performed together for over 15 years. This includes silky smooth singer and harmonica player Chuck Jackson, tenor sax player Pat Carey, Mike Fitzpatrick on drums, rhythm captain Gary Kendall on bass, and former American super-group rocker Michael Fonfara (of Rhinoceros fame) on keyboards.

Downchild has always been a band with loyal fans and in 1970 Dan Aykroyd was one of their biggest supporters, recording two Downchild songs, ‘I Got Everything I Need (Almost)’ and ‘Shotgun Blues’ for the multi-platinum selling Blues Brothers album "Briefcase Full of Blues". Dan Aykroyd will be appearing with Downchild for three extraordinary performances in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto.

Grammy nominee, Colin Linden has played on and produced hundreds of albums for such luminaries as Lucinda Williams, Colin James, Bruce Cockburn and David Wilcox to name a few. Linden is touring in support of his new album entitled "From The Water" on True North Records/Universal. Special guests for Toronto and Ottawa include James Cotton and Wayne Jackson. James Cotton is a legendary blues harmonica player who grew up in the South playing with Muddy Waters and is now celebrating 65 years in the entertainment business! The one and only Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns, has played on 52 Number One records and over 80 Gold and Platinum records and toured the world and recorded with such stars as Elvis, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Al Green, Neil Young, U2 and Peter Gabriel.

Downchild are currently recording their 40th Anniversary album “I Need A Hat” with some very special guests.

For more information visit: http://www.downchild.com

Tickets on sale now.




On CKCU-FM 93.1

The Mighty 93.1


Community Radio serving the Ottawa Carleton Region

Sundays: 9-11 pm

Black and Blues

with John Tackaberry

The show features a heavy dose of electric blues and rhythm and blues, with the occasional selection of sixties soul. The first hour is dedicated to artist profiles and reviews of recordings on particular labels. In the second hour there is a blues calendar, a rundown of events in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, and interviews with “new and reissued blues and rhythm and blues tracks on wax, alternating with “live blues and R&B for a Sunday night” in the last half hour of the show. On the last Sunday of every month, the show goes “down in the delta” for a selection of acoustic blues tracks in the final half hour of the program.


Wednesdays: 9-11 pm

In A Mellow Tone

with Ron Sweetman

Jazz from every era & every style – from 1917 to 2008. Each program features an artist, group, instrument, event, city or record label. Check out Ron’s website www.inamellowtone.com for info on upcoming shows and playlists (current show is posted several days in advance and past shows are archived). Ron is always happy to hear from listeners at ronsweetman@kalixo.com

This week, August 19 – Guelph Jazz Festival: A preview of the artists appearing at the Guelph Jazz Festival between September 9 and September 13, including Jane Bunnett, Marilyn Crispell, Jean Derome, Lori Freedman, Joelle Leandre & the World Saxophone Quartet.

Next week, August 26 – Lester Young: The great tenor saxophonist and clarinetist Lester Young was born on August 27, 1909. We’ll celebrate his distinguished career.


On CBC Radio One 91.5 FM

Saturdays: 10 pm – midnight

Saturday Night Blues


Host Holger Petersen has been a broadcaster, record producer, album collector, and serious blues fan for over 30 years. His collection of blues records numbers in the thousands. On Saturday Night Blues each week you’ll hear a mix of classic blues from the ‘Petersen Vaults’, concerts, interviews, artist features, new releases, plus anything that boogies, jumps, or swings, plus your requests from the Bluesline.

NOTE: Beginning July 4, Saturday Night Blues will be broadcast twice on Saturday – once on CBC 2 103.3 from 6-8 pm and then later on CBC 1 (91.5 in Ottawa) from 10 pm to midnight.

(Thanks to Jim Roy for this info.)


On CJHR 98.7 Valley Heritage Radio

Thursdays, 8-10 pm

Got The Blues

Pat Watters has been hosting this blues only radio show for the last 2+ years. It can be heard throughout the Ottawa Valley (except downtown Ottawa).




ALWAYS check local listings to confirm.

On BRAVO – www.bravo.ca

Tuesday, August 18 @ 7:30 am – Rhythm, Roots & Soul

Diamond Days/Eric Bibb (2008): This series profiles R&B, soul, gospel and roots musicians through their words and music. Mako Funasaka documents a moment in time of these wonderful musicians from many different musical genres. This episode features musician Eric Bibb.

Tuesday, August 25 @ 7:30 am – Rhythm, Roots & Soul

The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (2007): This series profiles R&B, soul, gospel and roots musicians through their words and music. Mako Funasaka documents a moment in time of these wonderful musicians from many different musical genres. This episode features performer Ruthie Foster.

Tuesday, September 1 @ 7:30 am – Rhythm, Roots & Soul

Salty Sessions/Hot Toddy (2008): This series profiles R&B, soul, gospel and roots musicians through their words and music. Mako Funasaka documents a moment in time of these wonderful musicians from many different musical genres. This episode features the band Hot Toddy.

Tuesday, September 1 @ 8 am – Talkin’ Blues

Curtis Salgado (2005): Series exploring the world of contemporary blues music. This episode features words and music from blues/soul singer Curtis Salgado, who served as the inspiration for John Belushi's Blues Brothers character.

Monday, September 7 @ 9 am – Montreal Jazz Festival

Funk Brothers (2004): Captivating performances from some of the acclaimed artists who appeared at the city's famed celebration of music. This episode features the architects of the Motown sound, with guests Joan Osbourne, jacksoul and Sam Moore.

Tuesday, September 8 @ 7:30 am – Rhythm, Roots & Soul

Nothing Halfway, Rick Fines & Susie Vinnick (2008): This series profiles R&B, soul, gospel and roots musicians through their words and music. Mako Funasaka documents a moment in time of these wonderful musicians from many different musical genres. This episode features Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick.

Tuesday, September 8 @ 8 am – Talkin’ Blues

Sonny Landreth (2005): Series exploring the world of contemporary blues music. This episode features a profile of soulful Louisiana vocalist and slide-guitar virtuoso Sonny Landreth.




Wednesdays: Dr Dave Revue @ the Rainbow, 5-8 pm

Wednesdays: Brian Downey @ The Avant-Garde Bar, 8:30 pm

Wednesdays: Acoustic music with Jeff Rogers @ Tucson’s, 7:30-11 pm

Thursdays: Acoustic blues with Al Tambay & friends @ Tucson’s, 7:30-11 pm

Thursdays: Mike Ktenas hosts the Blues Jam @ Irene’s, 9 pm to closing

Sunday afternoons: Blues jam @ the Rainbow, 3-7 pm

Sundays: Jesse Greene Band @ Irene’s, 9 pm




Friday, September 11

Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo CD release @

Gloucester Royal Oak, Ottawa ON, 7-11 pm

Saturday, September 12

Terry Gillespie Roots Reggae @ the Elmdale House, 9 pm

Friday, September 18

JW-Jones @ the Rainbow, 9:30 pm



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